Welcome to Juice Spaces, The NFT Company

We Got The Juice #WGTJ

All the Juice you'll ever want!

Juice Spaces connects creators and communities to change the world for the better. We inspire creators to dream, build, and explore the boundaries of their imaginations within the digital world.
Juice Spaces works with quality projects and passionate creators to offer something unique to the NFT space. Juice Spaces partners with creators to design, build and market NFT projects to help them achieve maximum success.
There are three (3) main areas that Juice Spaces focuses on:
Royal NFT Projects Royal projects are NFT projects designed by the community and for the community. This is a hand-selected exclusive Royal Membership of 400 NFT enthusiasts, ambassadors, and NFT project founders. As a Juice Spaces Royal, you design, build, and support your very own NFT project together with some of the leading minds in the NFT space. Royal projects are all about giving back: 70% of the profits of Royal projects go back to Royal holders, while 30% of the profits are distributed to worthy charities.
Native NFT Projects Native projects are NFT projects that give you an opportunity to invest in the success of a real-life brand. We presently have two native projects in development The Juice Box NFT Collection (Beverage Industry) and The Metadreads NFT Collection (Fashion Industry). These projects are being developed with the full support of renowned, top 10 American CEO, Brian J. Esposito and his team at Esposito Intellectual Enterprises.
Independent "Indie" Projects Indie Projects are art-based projects from several of the top emerging artists from around the world. Juice Spaces presently has three (3) Indie NFT projects in development: The Tiffany's Identity Collection, The Ame4lia Collection, and The Saegel Collection. Juice Spaces has a global tour planned for 2023 for the cities of Miami, California, New York, and Port of Spain, Trinidad. This tour will allow local talent to showcase their creative works to the world.
*This document provides a roadmap of Juice Spaces. This roadmap may be adjusted due to technological, regulatory, and/or industry changes.